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Kareena Kapoor Khan jokingly responds that she is ‘struggling’ as she comments on being paid about Rs. 10-15 crores

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Being one of the most popular actresses of B-town, it hardly comes as a surprise that Kareena Kapoor Khan is easily one of the highest-paid actresses in the Hindi film industry. It is being said that the actress earns about Rs. 10 to 15 crores per film which is quite high for an Indian actress. However, due to many factors, their pay is considered to be low compared to their male counterparts. Despite all that, Kareena is expected to be one of the biggest superstars of the current generation and she was recently seen commenting on her remuneration but also discussing factors that prompt her to choose the right film.

Kareena Kapoor Khan reveals she is ‘still struggling’ since she lives in her husband’s house

In an interview with Week, Kareena Kapoor Khan opened up about her journey and also touched upon the topic of her current remuneration in Bollywood. Responding to reports about her being one of the highest paid actresses in B-town, the actress said, “I hope so! I want that! I think it is not about my acting… that the films I choose are not about money. It has always been about the fact that if I like a role I might do the film for less. It depends on my mood, it depends on the fact what the film is, what the role is offering me… I am at that stage where I think that I can deliver.”

However, the actress also pointed out that despite her stardom and wealth, she continues to stay in her ‘husband’ aka Saif Ali Khan’s house. “Of course if it is a big ticket commercial film then maybe whatever you say is less! This is my husband's house! We are sitting and doing this interview in that so… I am just struggling! (laughs),” she added.

About her upcoming projects

While Kareena Kapoor Khan is basking in the success of her 2024 release Crew, the actress continues to have an interesting lineup this year which comprises of Hansal Mehta’s suspense thriller The Buckingham Murders, which features her in the role of a cop and of course, the highly-awaited Singham Again. The Rohit Shetty directorial will see Kareena reprising the role of Avni Bajirao Singham and stars Ajay Devgn as the protagonist and Arjun Kapoor as the antagonist along with Akshay Kumar, Ranveer Singh, Deepika Padukone, Tiger Shroff, and others in key cameos.

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BREAKING: Salman Khan, Kartik Aaryan, Kriti Sanon to come together for Dharmaveer 2's trailer launch

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In 2022, Bollywood Hungama was the first one to report that superstar Salman Khan will launch the trailer of the Marathi film Dharmaveer. History is all set to repeat two years later. The trailer launch of the sequel, Dharmaveer 2, will be held tomorrow, Saturday, July 20 in a vast venue in South Mumbai. And the superstar once again will be the chief guest at this event.

Apart from Salman Khan, Hon. Chief Minister of Maharashtra Eknath Shinde and Hon. Deputy Chief Minister of Maharashtra Devendra Fadnavis are also the chief guests. And that's not all. Kartik Aaryan, Kriti Sanon, Ankita Lokhande, Vicky Jain, Kriti Kharbanda, Pulkit Samrat, Boman Irani, Daisy Shah, Nushrat Bharuccha, Manish Paul, Sonal Chauhan, and Varun Sharma, will also be present at the event. In short, the trailer launch of Dharmaveer 2 will surely be one of the biggest events of the year.

Dharmaveer is based on the life of the late Anand Dighe, one of the most loved and respected leaders of Shiv Sena and Maharashtra. Incidentally, Eknath Shinde is the protégé of Anand Dighe. The former’s character had an important part in the first part. While Prasad Oak played Anand Dighe, Eknath Shinde’s role was played by Kshitish Date.

Pravin Tarde wrote and directed Dharmaveer and he also is associated with the sequel in the same capacity. Interestingly, he shares a close bond with Salman Khan. Pravin Tarde was a part of Salman’s 2021 Eid fare, Radhe – Your Most Wanted Bhai. Also, he directed and acted in Mulshi Pattern (2018), which was remade by Salman Khan in Hindi as Antim – The Final Truth.

Dharmaveer 2 is backed by Zee Studios and is all set to release on August 9. The first part was a huge hit and the sequel, too, is expected to work big time at the box office. That it's releasing in the election year is also expected to add to the film’s intrigue value.

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Guddu Dhanoa reveals how Priyanka Chopra was almost thrown out of her first film

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Guddu Dhanoa who directed Priyanka in Big Brother and Kismat is all praise for her. “When I did a film, finally titled Big Brother, with her, I was told that this would be her first film, that we were launching her. This was back in 2002-2003. I did not know that she was doing other films as well.”

Dhanoa recalls that Big Brother had another title. “Back then this film was being made by the name of Gandhi, and Vijeta Films (the Deol banner) was producing the film. Sunny was producing and starring in that film, I was directing it. The title was later changed to Big Brother.”

The director affectionately recalls Priyanka’s rawness and enthusiasm in those her initial days as an actor. “We were shooting in Hyderabad and a scene was narrated to her. Back then she did not know much about acting. She would say, ‘Please explain to me, how do I do it.’ It means she has a hunger to learn, she had it at that time, she wanted to do it, wanted to do it very well, and her looks were also good.”

After shooting with Priyanka in Hyderabad, Dhanoa started to hear negative things about Priyanka from Mumbai. “We started shooting and we had a very long schedule. After we shot for 15-20 days and we started getting reports from Mumbai that she looks very bad, she is a very bad actor, please watch the rushes. So, I said okay, we will watch the rushes.’

Dhano recalls how he and Sunny Deol refused to succumb to pressures to sack Priyanka. “We saw the rushes, whatever we had shot there, however much we had shot, and after watching the rushes, Sunny Deol and I, both of us decided that we will work with this girl and complete the film with this girl only. And I think we liked her; I mean we liked her screen presence, and we liked her as an actor too. We thought she will grow, and we were right. She later she grew a lot as a person and actor. I later did another hit film Kismat with her Bobby Deol in the lead.”

Dhanoa is proud to see where Priyanka has reached. “Today she improved as an actor and improved a lot. Today, everyone knows the rest of the history.”

Dhanoa gives a touching illustration of how global stardom has not changed Priyanka. “They say she became such a big star. When Priyanka got, she hosted the reception in Bombay, she invited me and after so many years she called me, messaged me and sent me a card, which not many actors do, meaning maintaining a relationship, I think it is a big thing, I felt very good when she invited me. I think she is a very nice, very good actor and every person grows and I say, I tell everyone that acting is such a key, it is the key of such a lock that can be put in your hand even on the first day and it may take even ten years for a person to understand .She grew very quickly or you can say that the key of acting got in her hand very quickly, she grew very quickly, she is fantastic.”

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Anushka Sen collaborates with Grammy-Awardee Ken Lewis and American Musician AY Young for Project17 to advance United Nations’ goals

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Actress Anushka Sen is collaborating with international artists on a project that aims to advance the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Project 17 is a global initiative that uses music, art, and culture to raise awareness about important issues.

Sen will lend her voice to a track on the project, focusing specifically on global education. She will be working with Grammy Award-winning producer Ken Lewis (who has worked with artists like Taylor Swift and BTS) and American musician AY Young. "I'm excited to be a part of this project that uses art for positive change," Sen said. "It's an honor to collaborate with such talented artists on a cause I believe in." Sen's participation in Project 17 follows her recent attendance at the UN Climate Change Conference in Dubai. She is also set to make her international film debut in a Korean film titled Asia. Also Read: Anushka Sen gives details of her international project Asia: “I’m playing an assassin…”

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Here’s why Sonakshi Sinha and Zaheer Iqbal specifically got married on June 23 and it has a Salman Khan connection

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Sonakshi Sinha and Zaheer Iqbal’s marriage last month was the talk of the town. The wedding ceremony stood out and the bash, held on the same day for their Bollywood friends, was widely talked about. The couple got hitched on June 23 and in an interview, they revealed why they specifically chose this date. Turns out that there’s a Salman Khan connection to it.

In an interview with Bombay Times, Zaheer Iqbal said that Sonakshi Sinha and he had been in the same parties several times. However, the first time they spent time together was on June 23, 2017. This was the day Salman Khan-starrer Tubelight was released. A screening of the film was held followed by a party. At this bash, both ended up talking for hours and that’s how their love story began. Since June 23 was a special date in their lives, they chose to marry on that very date.

Zaheer Iqbal said, “The first time we met was at Salman bhai’s (Salman Khan) house. Strangely, we both were present at Salman bhai’s birthday parties (at his farm and Mumbai home, Galaxy) several times since 2013, but our paths never crossed. I didn’t know she was there, and she didn’t know that I existed. Then finally, we met at Galaxy one evening, when a few of us just chilled together, and that was our first interaction. But the first time we really spent a lot of time with each other was on June 23, 2017 (hence, we chose that date for our wedding). There was a screening of Tubelight and an afterparty, where we ended up spending five hours together. We kept chatting, and suddenly, we turned around and we were like…where did everyone else go? We knew that day there was something special here.”

Both Sonakshi Sinha and Zaheer Iqbal belong to different faiths. On this Zaheer said, “I could have 50,000 disagreements with Sona, but it will never have anything to do with religion. Salim uncle (Salman Khan’s father) had once shared with me that this is what he had told Salma aunty’s parents when they got married.”

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Diljit Dosanjh mired in controversy, dancers at odds over non-payment of dues

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Diljit Dosanjh's recent Dil-Luminati Tour across North America has been a resounding success, but it's now facing allegations of unpaid background dancers. LA-based entrepreneur Rajat Batta, who reportedly owns dance schools, took to social media to criticize the ‘Lover’ singer. Despite his admiration for Dosanjh, Batta expressed disappointment that the background dancers were allegedly expected to perform for free.

“Desi Dancers are still undervalued as an industry,” Batta stated on Instagram. “All of the Desi Dancers in Diljit's Diluminati Tour were not paid, and just expected to perform for free.”

He further emphasized, “It's disheartening to see an artist of this calibre cut corners by exploiting the Desi Dancer industry and perpetuate that culture. Diljit, we celebrate your success, but your dancers deserve to be paid and included in the production budget.”

However, a contrasting perspective emerged from Diljit Dosanjh's Bhangra team. They responded to the allegations, clarifying that their participation wasn't driven by financial gain but by a sense of cultural pride.

In a statement signed by All The Bhangra Teams & Captains, they described the opportunity as "priceless" and a chance to showcase “Punjabi culture on a global stage.”  They emphasized, “Each performance is a tribute to our heritage, preserving the pure folk bhangra traditions we hold dear. Sharing our art form on such a prestigious platform is an invaluable reward in itself.”


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The Bhangra team even implored Batta to refrain from speaking on their behalf if he lacked full understanding of the situation. Their statement concluded, “While we appreciate the concern, we do not wish to be represented by voices who don't understand our relationship, our motivations, sacrifices, and the immense value we place on such experiences. We are proud of our participation and the new avenues it has opened for the Punjabi community. Do not try to break our bond. We stand united.”

The contrasting statements highlight a complex issue. While some dancers may prioritize exposure and cultural representation over immediate payment, others might view fair compensation as essential. The incident underscores the need for clear communication and established payment structures within the Desi entertainment industry.


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Diljit Dosanjh himself has not yet addressed the controversy. The Dil-Luminati Tour, which kicked off in Vancouver in April, concluded its North American leg in Toronto on July 13. ALSO READ: CBFC asks 85 cuts in Diljit Dosanjh starrer Punjab ‘95, based on life of Jaswant Singh Khalra; release remains uncertain: Report

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Bollywood wedding filmmaker makes SHOCKING revelation about a ‘big Bollywood actor’ CHEATING on his wife two months after his marriage

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A recent interview of a wedding photo and videographer Vishal Punjabi, who goes by the name of Wedding Filmer, have gone viral on many platforms. While in the interview he gave influencer and YouTuber DJ Simz, they discussed his journey of becoming one of the most popular wedding videographers who has filmed several high-profile Bollywood weddings, he made a shocking revelation about a certain wedding he shot for and how the husband, who is supposedly a ‘big Bollywood star’ ended up cheating on his wife.

In the interview, as the host asked Vishal Punjabi if he is come across any weddings which has ended in a divorce soon, the ‘Wedding Filmer’ recalled a controversial wedding where the husband cheated on his wife two months after the wedding. “That happened with a celebrity. Two months after their wedding, he was cheating on her. He was caught red-handed with this Bollywood actress in his makeup van, on a Bollywood set. His wife walks in and catches him naked, and says, ‘I don’t want your wedding film’.”

In the same interaction, he also confessed that he was never paid for it and was in a pickle wondering what to do of the video footage.  “I’m calling the groom, he’s not picking up. I’m calling up the bride, she’s like, ‘Don’t talk to me, I don’t want the wedding film!’ So then, I call up his manager, and he’s like, ‘Bro, man, it’s not happening, we don’t want the film’. I was like, ‘What do I do? Do I sell it to Netflix?'” He continued, “Back then, I used to have a contract that said 50% before and 50% after I give you the film. After this incident, I was like, ‘This is about the heart, marriage, life and fam, and I’m going to charge you a 100% before I come.”

While he refrained from taking names, he looked into the camera and said, “You know who you are” and also mentioned about how the groom showcased fake emotions for his ladylove on camera. “In the film, the groom is crying, saying, ‘I love you, baby’. You know they’re fake crocodile tears. He’s a big Bollywood actor. Can’t take names, but damn… The value I have of that footage is worth millions. It’s a comedy film. I could sell it and make s**tloads of money,” he added.

For the unversed, Vishal Punjabi gained fame for shooting the wedding video of Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli in Italy but prior to it he also shot the serene wedding of Bipasha Basu and Karan Singh Grover in Mumbai. Followed by that, he also shot the wedding ceremonies of Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone which was unveiled in the last season of Koffee With Karan, along with capturing the moments of celebrities like Katrina Kaif and Vicky Kaushal, Sidharth Malhotra and Kiara Advani, among others.

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Krishan Kumar’s 20-year-old daughter Tishaa Kumar passes away after a long battle with cancer

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Tishaa Kumar, the daughter of actor-producer Krishan Kumar of T-Series and cousin of Bhushan Kumar, passed away yesterday, that is, July 18. She was 20 years old and was less than two months away from her 21st birthday.

At present, not much is known about this shocking, tragic development. But as per sources, Tishaa Kumar was suffering from cancer for a few years. The sources further mentioned that she was in Germany undergoing treatment and that’s where she breathed her last.

Tishaa Kumar was born on September 6, 2003, to Krishan Kumar and Tanya Singh, the daughter of composer Ajit Singh and sister of actress Nattasha Singh. Very little information is available on Tishaa. However, she was often spotted at the screenings of the films made by T-Series. One of her last public appearances was on November 30, 2023, when she was seen at the premiere of the Ranbir Kapoor-starrer Animal. She posed for the paparazzi at this event solo and also with Krishan Kumar.

Bollywood Hungama sends out our heartfelt condolences to Tishaa Kumar’s family and we pray that her soul rests in peace.

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Shahid Kapoor gears up for action in Roy Kapur Films' Deva; set to release in theatres on February 14, 2025, FIRST LOOK OUT

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Zee Studios and Roy Kapur Films are bringing the heat to Valentine's Day 2025 with the high-octane thriller Deva, starring Shahid Kapoor. Directed by the acclaimed Malayalam filmmaker Rosshan Andrrews, Deva promises to be an adrenaline-fueled rollercoaster ride packed with action, suspense, and drama.

Kapoor takes on the role of a brilliant but defiant police officer, a character sure to showcase his captivating on-screen presence. The leading lady Pooja Hegde steps in as a journalist.

Get ready for a VIOLENT VALENTINE’s DAY DEVA, releasing in theaters on 14th Feb 2025!@hegdepooja @pavailkgulati #RosshanAndrrews #UmeshKrBansal#SiddharthRoyKapur @ZeeStudios_ @roykapurfilms @ZeeMusicCompany #BobbySanjay @hussainthelal @justarshad @Sumitaroraa

— Shahid Kapoor (@shahidkapoor) July 19, 2024

Deva is not your typical love story for Valentine's Day. Instead, it offers a unique blend of action, drama, and romance, perfect for those seeking an alternative to the usual rom-coms. Whether you're a die-hard Shahid Kapoor fan or simply craving a thrilling cinematic experience, "Deva" is sure to be a must-watch on February 14, 2025. ALSO READ: Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput purchase luxury apartment worth nearly Rs. 60 crore in Mumbai: Report

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Jacqueline Fernandez sets stage for OTT's biggest dance sequence with 200 background dancers in thriller series Goat: Report

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While OTT platforms have become synonymous with gripping narratives and character-driven stories, larger-than-life dance numbers haven't exactly been a defining feature. However, with Sanjay Leela Bhansali's opulent period drama Heeramandi: The Diamond Bazaar breaking the mold, a new wave might be upon us. Leading the charge on the digital dance floor is none other than Jacqueline Fernandez.

According to a report in Mid-day, Fernandez is gearing up to set the screen ablaze with a vibrant dance sequence in her upcoming web series, aptly titled Goat. According to sources, the sequence boasts a whopping 200 background dancers, making it a strong contender for the title of biggest dance number ever seen in Indian digital entertainment.

The series, a thriller helmed by director Abhishek Sharma, stars Neil Nitin Mukesh and Siddharth Nigam in pivotal roles. Details about the plot are still under wraps, but the sheer scale of the dance sequence hints at its significance within the narrative.

Sources close to the production revealed that Fernandez filmed the elaborate number over two days at Shiloh Bar in Andheri. To prepare for the high-energy routine, Fernandez went through a rigorous training regime for two weeks under the guidance of choreographer Ruel Varindani.  Varindani has reportedly put together a visually stunning number that blends contemporary and hip-hop styles. The filming location itself required a grand set-up, and the area was cordoned off to ensure a smooth and uninterrupted shoot.

While dance numbers might seem like an unusual addition to the typically character-driven world of OTT shows, insiders suggest this particular sequence plays a crucial role in the story's progression. A source elaborated, stating, "It serves as a turning point in the story, bringing the central characters' journeys to an interesting juncture." ALSO READ: Jacqueline Fernandez summoned by Enforcement Directorate on July 10 for questioning in Rs. 200 crore money laundering case

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Bad Newz makers take a hilarious dig at Kabir Singh; Vicky Kaushal-Triptii Dimri-Ammy Virk starrer also has an Animal connection

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The much-awaited film Bad Newz has released today in cinemas and is off to a strong start. This has been possible due to a great response to the trailer and songs, an amusing subject and great casting, that is, Vicky Kaushal, Triptii Dimri and Ammy Virk. The moviegoers, who’ll venture out to watch the comic caper, will be in for a treat as the makers have made a reference to several Bollywood films and songs. A few of them were shown in the trailer like the dialogues on Katrina Kaif, Tiger Shroff etc. but there’s a lot more in the film.

One of the most hilarious scenes in this regard is when a character makes a reference to the 2019 blockbuster Kabir Singh. Through this scene, the makers take a hilarious and witty dig at the film’s controversial content. The said one-liner comes at a crucial juncture and in the press screening, held last night in Mumbai, it was greeted with claps and hooting.

Kabir Singh was directed by Sandeep Reddy Vanga who later went on to direct the blockbuster Animal. Along with Ranbir Kapoor, Bobby Deol, Anil Kapoor and Rashmika Mandanna, it also starred Triptii Dimri, who incidentally also stars in Bad Newz. Triptii has been doing some great work from the start but it was Animal that gave her popularity a big boost. Thanks to this film, she got nicknames like ‘national crush’ and ‘Bhabhi 2’. In a hilarious move, the makers of Bad Newz have used these terms in a very important scene, when a character is referring to Saloni Bagga (played by Triptii Dimri).

Besides Vicky Kaushal, Triptii Dimri and Ammy Virk, Bad Newz also stars Neha Dhupia and Sheeba Chadha along with special appearances by Ananya Panday and Neha Sharma. It is directed by Anand Tiwari and produced by Karan Johar of Dharma Productions, Anand Tiwari and Amritpal Singh Bindra of Leo Media Collective Pvt Ltd and Manish Menghani of Amazon Prime.

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BREAKING: Ananya Panday, Neha Sharma have crucial cameos in Bad Newz

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The much-awaited film Bad Newz has released today in cinemas and is off to a strong start. This has been possible due to a great response to the trailer and songs, an amusing subject and great casting. The moviegoers who’ll venture out to watch the comic caper will expect some great entertainment from its lead cast – Vicky Kaushal, Triptii Dimri and Ammy Virk. However, they’ll be surprised to know that two more gorgeous actresses also feature in this film.

It turns out that Ananya Panday has a very crucial cameo in Bad Newz. Her presence gives an interesting addition to the film’s plot. In the opening disclaimers, ‘Thank You Ananya Panday’ is duly mentioned.

And that’s not all. At another crucial juncture, Neha Sharma makes an appearance as well. She looks ravishing and her presence further contributes to the laughter quotient of the film.

Cameos or supporting roles by popular actors usually make a film more exciting. Karan Johar, one of the producers of Bad Newz, has been doing this since his directorial debut, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai (1998). It starred Salman Khan who all of a sudden entered the narrative in the second half of the Shah Rukh Khan-Kajol-Rani Mukerji starrer and surprised the audiences as they had no idea about his presence.

In today’s times, however, it is difficult to hide such special appearances as news often gets leaked to the press. But Ananya Panday and Neha Sharma’s presence in Bad Newz was a well-kept secret and nobody, outside of the film unit, got a hint about it.

Another fun, quirky appearance in the film is that of Gajraj Rao. He hasn’t acted in the film; he plays a dead person and his photo can be seen hanging on the wall. Funnily, ‘Fatherly appearance Gajraj Rao’ is mentioned at the very beginning of the end credits.

Besides all these actors, Bad Newz also stars Neha Dhupia and Sheeba Chadha. It is directed by Anand Tiwari and produced by Karan Johar of Dharma Productions, Anand Tiwari and Amritpal Singh Bindra of Leo Media Collective Pvt Ltd and Manish Menghani of Amazon Prime.

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EXCLUSIVE: Kalki 2898 AD makers sue Sumit Kadel & Rohit Jaiswal for Rs. 25 crores for their defamatory tweets on them and Prabhas-starrer

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The makers of Kalki 2898 AD have sent a legal notice to two Kolkata-based individuals, namely Sumit Kadel and Rohit Jaiswal, for their tweets against their film and for claiming that the collections of the Pan-India film, given out by the producers, are fake.

A source exclusively told Bollywood Hungama, “Sumit Kadel has received the copy of the legal notice while Rohit Jaiswal should get it by the end of Friday, July 19 or latest by Saturday.”

When asked for more details, the source replied, “Both these individuals infamously known as samosa critics in the industry claimed on their social media accounts that the makers of Kalki 2898 AD are wilfully putting out fake figures. They have been tweeting about it on a regular basis. Their tweets were slanderous and amounted to calling the producers as cheaters.”

The source further said, “The legal notice states that both Sumit Kadel and Rohit Jaiswal will now have to cite their source for the collections of Kalki 2898 AD, which they have given out and which they have claimed are the real earnings. That’s not all. They’ll also have to submit daily collections with a territorial breakup to back up their claim. If they fail to do so within a stipulated time frame, both will be liable to pay the producers a fine of Rs. 25 crores for publishing blatant lies and fake narratives, which have been their hallmark. No wonder they are known as samosa critics.”

A source close to the production house confirmed these developments to Bollywood Hungama.

This is the second time this year that Sumit Kadel has got in the news for the wrong reasons. Earlier this year, during the release of the action entertainer Crakk, its lead actor and producer Vidyut Jammwal wrote about him and the tweet went viral in no time. He wrote, “Asking for bribe is a crime ,and giving one is a crime too!!”My crime “is not giving??? #sumitkadel…so everytime you praise someone -we know the criminal..”

Asking for bribe is a crime ,and giving one is a crime too!!”My crime “is not giving??? #sumitkadel…so everytime you praise someone -we know the criminal.. — Vidyut Jammwal (@VidyutJammwal) February 26, 2024

Kalki 2898 AD stars Prabhas, Deepika Padukone, Amitabh Bachchan and Kamal Haasan. It is directed by Nag Ashwin.

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Siddharth Anand starts work on his next; film to be a standalone mega-budget actioner

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Director Siddharth Anand, known for delivering blockbusters like War, Pathaan, and Fighter, has locked on his next directorial venture. As per reports, his next project is a ‘standalone mega-budget action film’, which will be produced under his production house, Marflix Pictures, along with producer Mamta Anand. It seems that the filmmaker is quite excited to start work on it and if sources are to be believed, he will be taking out time for this one despite a hectic lineup of upcoming projects.

Sources close to the filmmaker confirm news about his next

Readers would be aware that the director also turned producer along with the aerial actioner Fighter starring Hrithik Roshan, Deepika Padukone, and Anil Kapoor. "He has been working on the script for a while now, and he is excited to get started with the ninth directorial of his career,” the source informed. The source further informed, “Siddharth (Anand) has locked his next directorial, and it’s a standalone mega-budget action film for Marflix. He has been working on the script for a while now and he will be making an announcement regarding his ninth directorial soon.” Along with Producer Mamta Anand, Siddharth Anand has over six films in the pipeline for his production venture.

About Siddharth Anand’s other projects

Media reports also indicate that the much-talked about Shah Rukh Khan and Suhana Khan starrer, King, will be produced by Siddharth Anand and will be directed by Sujoy Ghosh. The filmmaker is currently said to be busy with his production venture, Jewel Thief, which brings him and Saif Ali Khan together after 17 years. As per a source, the filmmaker is also working on the script of Krrish 4. Apart from these, the filmmaker is also said to be developing a female-led action film, which is currently in its casting stage. Rumours also suggest that Anand may be working on sequels of Pathaan or even Tiger V/S Pathaan.

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Arjun Kapoor announced as the owner of Speed Demons Delhi

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The Indian Racing Festival, a premier event in the motorsport calendar of India, is gearing up for its highly anticipated 2024 season with a thrilling addition of Bollywood actor Arjun Kapoor. This collaboration marks Arjun’s entry into the motorsport arena as the proud owner of the Delhi franchise, Speed Demons Delhi, under a multi-year agreement.

Building on the momentum from the recent unveiling of the Kolkata team by India's most celebrated captain, Sourav Ganguly, the festival is now set to welcome Arjun Kapoor as the owner of the Delhi team. This significant stride in its expansion strategy underscores Arjun Kapoor's passion for racing and promises to elevate the excitement surrounding the upcoming season of the Indian Racing Festival.

Arjun Kapoor, renowned as a true motorhead and has a huge fascination with cars, has invested in the team of Speed Demons and is said to play a major role in promoting motor racing in Delhi and NCR region. In an official statement made by Akhilesh Reddy, Chairman and Managing Director of RPPL, he said, “With Arjun Kapoor’s presence the Speed Demons Delhi franchise in the Indian Racing Festival is poised to make a significant impact. Arjun Kapoor's personal passion for motorsports not only aligns perfectly with our objective but also serves as a powerful catalyst to enhance it. His involvement will authentically resonate with enthusiasts, bringing a fresh wave of excitement and engagement to the sport and helping us captivate and inspire a growing community of motorsport aficionados nationwide."

Arjun Kapoor also urged fans to come and watch the races in large numbers and cheer and support the drivers. The actor shared his excitement on his new venture, as he shared, "Ever since I was a young kid I've always been interested in cars and motorsports, and Delhi's love for racing is clear. The Indian Racing Festival, along with our Delhi team, is a great opportunity for young racers and fans. I believe we can discover and support talent that could represent India internationally, making motorsports more popular here." Arjun Kapoor's collaboration with the Indian Racing Festival (IRF) is poised to draw in a diverse audience, including Bollywood Celebrities and those from the hinterland.

Racing Promotions Pvt. Ltd. presents the exhilarating Indian Racing Festival (IRF), a meticulously crafted motorsport extravaganza aimed at captivating India's burgeoning fan base.  The festival features eight dynamic city-based teams from Delhi, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Goa, Kochi, Ahmedabad, and Kolkata. From August to November this year, these teams will engage in intense competition, vying for racing glory and the coveted title of champions.

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EXCLUSIVE: Fawad Khan BREAKS SILENCE on Bollywood comeback with a rom-com: “Baatein ho rahi hoti hain…”

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After an eight-year hiatus, the Pakistani heartthrob Fawad Khan is primed for a triumphant return to the Hindi silver screen. Khan is set to star alongside the stunning Vaani Kapoor in a new romantic comedy, marking a highly anticipated comeback for the beloved actor. This exciting news comes as a sigh of relief for cinephiles who have dearly missed Khan's captivating presence on screen. His last Bollywood appearance in 2016's Ae Dil Hai Mushkil left a void that couldn't be easily filled. His next is reported to be with Vaani Kapoor, set in London.

Fawad Khan kept his cards close to his chest in an upcoming interview with Bollywood Hungama, out on Saturday, July 20. When asked about his next project, he offered a playful smile but remained tight-lipped. He said, “Baatein ho rahi hoti hain. Again, kuch concrete hoga toh main zaroor aapko bataunga, aapke saath share karunga. Kis tarah main chhupa sakta hoon?”

Details surrounding the film remain under wraps. However, sources close to the project have confirmed that filming will kick off in September in the picturesque city of London. Bollywood Hungama reported that this international project, entirely shot in the UK, marks the debut collaboration for Eastwood Studios, a film company founded by industry veterans Vivek B. Agrawal (formerly of Reliance/Phantom) and Devang Dholakia.

Vivek has previously produced acclaimed and cult films like Queen, Udta Punjab, Super 30 and Netflix’s first series in India, Sacred Games which became a global blockbuster on the platform.

This rom-com tells the story of how two broken people come together by a stroke of luck and end up helping each other unintentionally…falling in love is an eventual byproduct of their electric connection. “Vaani Kapoor has been a part of big films, and she was the perfect choice for this project, given how she has protected herself from being over-exposed. The makers wanted an incredibly fresh casting where Fawad falls in love with a gorgeous Indian girl and Vaani fit right in,” informs the source.

However, Fawad Khan was last seen in Pakistan’s highest-grossing blockbuster The Legend of Maula Jatt, Money Back Guarantee and the international series Ms. Marvel.

On the work front, Fawad Khan has several projects in the pipeline. Starting with ZEE5 and Zindagi’s Barzakh, set for a July 19 release globally. This will be followed by Shandur, apparently set for the SonyLIV platform. He also has Pakistan’s first Netflix project Jo Bachay Hain Sang Samait Lo. The actor also is producing and starring in Neelofar with Mahira Khan. ALSO READ: Fawad Khan signs Bollywood film after 8 years opposite Vaani Kapoor; film to go on floors in September 2024 in London

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Janhvi Kapoor hospitalized due to food poisoning; to resume Ulajh promotions after discharge on July 19

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Janhvi Kapoor, busy promoting her upcoming film Ulajh releasing on August 2, was recently hospitalized due to a severe case of food poisoning. According to a Times Now report, Janhvi wasn't feeling well on Wednesday and postponed all her promotional appointments for the rest of the week. Her condition worsened on Thursday, prompting her family to get her admitted to a hospital.

Despite the setback, reports suggest Janhvi is recovering well and might even be discharged by Friday. Bollywood Hungama also confirmed that Kapoor was hospitalized. A source said, “It’s a severe case of food poisoning. On Wednesday, Janhvi was bedridden at home, feeling very frail weak, and anxious. She postponed all her appointments on Wednesday and for the rest of the week. On Thursday, she felt even worse.”

It added, “So, the family decided to get her proper medical attention and got her admitted into the hospital. She is on the way to recovery now, though still very weak. She is expected to be discharged by Friday.”

While Janhvi recovers, the positive response to the Ulajh trailer keeps the excitement for the film building. The film is arriving in cinemas on August 2, 2024. The actress has an array of films in her kitty including Devara: Part 1 with Jr. NTR, a movie with Ram Charan, another one with Suriya, a Hindi film Sunny Sanskari Ki Tulsi Kumari and one with Neeraj Ghaywan and Ishaan Khatter. ALSO READ: Janhvi Kapoor and Ishaan Khatter to reunite for Dharma Productions’ next with Neeraj Ghaywan: Report

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Stree 2 Returns: Makers drop the trailer of Shraddha Kapoor, Rajkummar Rao starrer as the Chanderi gang gears up to wage another war against spirits

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Fans couldn’t be more excited as Jio Studios and Dinesh Vijan’s Maddock Films once again join hands for the much-awaited Stree 2 which is a key part of India’s first horror comedy universe. The makers dropped the trailer of Shraddha Kapoor, Rajkummar Rao starrer on Thursday amid much fanfare and promising to deliver an electrifying blend of horror and comedy that the franchise has been famous for.

About the trailer

The wait is over! The much-anticipated trailer of the biggest film of the year has finally arrived, Set to release this Independence Day, the sequel to the beloved franchise brings back the iconic Chanderi gang, along with a spine-chilling new adversary – SARKATA! While Stree ended on a cliffhanger, audiences have been awaiting to know more for five years. However, the makers are finally back with another trailer that promises to tie all the loose ends in a visual spectacle that is said to present a perfect blend of horror and humor.


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  A post shared by Maddock Films (@maddockfilms)

Producers talk about the Stree franchise

Producer of Maddock Films, Dinesh Vijan shared his excitement as he said, “The first Stree was a defining film in Maddocks filmography while Stree 2 will cement the entire universe. It answers all the questions that Stree 1 raised and also shows the connections. It is a landmark film for us, especially in terms of the VFX and the world building that has happened. It is unique and an upgrade of another kind. This one is funnier, bigger, a visual spectacle and it’s got all our characters and some new special angles. This is the most important film we are putting out there and our biggest.”

Jyoti Deshpande, President Media & Content Business, Reliance Industries Ltd shared, “At Jio Studios, we take immense pride in creating clutter-breaking and disruptive cinema, and giving wings to content driven stories. We backed Stree when there was no horror-comedy precedent and following its breakout success, we gave our audiences a whole new genre. Stree2 is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated sequel and is the catalyst for our horror-comedy universe. The laughs and the thrills make for fantastic ‘paisa vasool’ entertainment for all ages. Hope to belt out yet another super-hit with our Maddock partnership.”

More on Stree 2

Also starring Pankaj Tripathi, Aparshakti Khurana, and Abhishek Banerjee, the film is directed by Amar Kaushik. Get ready to celebrate Independence Day with a double dose of chills and laughter as Stree 2 is set to hit theatres on August 15, 2024.

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BREAKING! Richa Chadha and Ali Fazal welcome their first child, a baby girl

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The world of Bollywood is abuzz with joyous news! Bollywood couple Richa Chadha and Ali Fazal have welcomed their first child. The couple has been blessed with a baby girl. In a joint statement released by the couple on July 18, the duo shared this good news to their friends, family, and well-wishers.

Just a few days ago, the couple shared a beautiful post on pregnancy with both Ali and Richa sharing their excitement about entering the new phase. On Thursday, the couple announced the arrival of their daughter in a statement that read, “We are tickled pink with joy to announce the arrival of a healthy baby girl on 16.07.24!" The couple also added in the statement, "Our families are over joyed and we thank our well wishers for their love and blessings!”

The news comes after Richa and Ali's heartwarming pregnancy announcement in February 2024. They shared a photo with a simple yet symbolic equation - "1 + 1 = 3" - leaving fans to decipher the exciting news. Richa has been balancing her personal life with professional commitments throughout her pregnancy. She was recently seen promoting her upcoming web series, Heeramandi: The Diamond Bazaar, even showcasing her baby bump with radiant confidence.


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  A post shared by ali fazal (@alifazal9)

This new chapter in their lives comes after their official wedding in 2022, following a long-standing relationship.  Fans have eagerly awaited this news, showering Richa and Ali with congratulations and well wishes on social media. The arrival of their child marks a beautiful new chapter for Richa Chadha and Ali Fazal.

Meanwhile, Richa Chadha and Ali Fazal's production Girls Will be Girls has been making waves on international festival circuit. ALSO READ: Richa Chadha disables comments as she drops breathtaking maternity photos: “May we bring forth a warrior of light, a child of compassion, empathy, healing and above all love”

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Allu Arjun’s manager BREAKS silence on reports of unexpected break in the shoot of Pushpa 2 and postponement speculations

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Pushpa 2: The Rule arguably is the most awaited film of the year and hence, there’s a lot of excitement for it among the trade and industry. Many expect it to break all records and this confidence stems from the fact that the part 1 has a cult following. Hence, moviegoers and fan of lead actor Allu Arjun got concerned when reports came in that the film’s release might be postponed. There are also speculations that the shoot has come to a halt due to a differences between Allu Arjun and director Sukumar. Today, on Thursday, July 18, Sarath Chandra Naidu, manager and head of content and digital for Allu Arjun, took to X (formerly Twitter) to clear the air.

A fan tagged Sarath Chandra Naidu and the official handles of Pushpa and the producers Mythri Movie Makers about the ‘actual news’ on the shoot of Pushpa 2: The Rule: The Rule. Sarath replied “Sukumar garu has started working on editing the first half of the film. It's very common to take a break during the editing.”

Sukumar garu has started working on editing the first half of the film. It's very common to take a break during the editing. — Sarath Chandra Naidu (@imsarathchandra) July 18, 2024

When one more fan also asked about the break, Sarath Chandra Naidu explained in more detail apart from the edit of the first half, director Sukumar is also working on the CGI. He assured the fans that the film is on track and that it’ll release in cinemas on December 6, as scheduled.

Ippudu time undi. 1st half complete Chesukuni CG work antha ready pettukunte, remaining edit shoot aipoyaaka chesukunte December 6th happy ga vacheyyochu ga Karuna Thammudu. — Sarath Chandra Naidu (@imsarathchandra) July 18, 2024

Pushpa’s first part, Pushpa: The Rise - Part 01 (2021), released with limited noise but soon became one of the biggest hits in recent times. Allu Arjun’s swag, punchy dialogues, cliff-hanger ending and the chartbuster songs ensured that the film was widely consumed across platforms. Besides Allu, it also stars Rashmika Mandanna, Fahadh Faasil, Anasuya Bharadwaj and Rao Ramesh.

The first part was the story of a poor man who joins the smuggling business of red sandalwood as a coolie and slowly takes control of the entire syndicate. It ended with the protagonist humiliating his arch nemesis, a ruthless cop, and the latter swearing revenge.

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Ellipsis Entertainment takes on India's biggest bank scam, announces film on Rustom Nagarwala

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Ellipsis Entertainment is embarking on an untitled movie based on the infamous 1971 scam where a State Bank of India branch in Delhi was conned for a large sum of money by an alleged double agent, Rustom Nagarwala. The untitled film will delve deep into one of the most sensational scams in India's banking history, investigated by a team of Delhi police officers, led by the then SHO of Chanakya Puri, Hari Dev Kaushal. Hari Dev belonged to a batch of police personnel who were not only exceptional at their work but also benevolent. Affectionately addressed as Panditji, when he passed away at 91, he went down in police annals as a solid officer who broke the mould.

Hari Dev Kaushal, incidentally, happens to be the father of screen actors, Rahul Dev and Mukul Dev. It does not get better that Mukul himself, who authored Hansal Mehta’s ‘Omerta’, is on board the writing block along with Suprotim Sengupta and Kunal Aneja, having researched the case extensively through primary and secondary sources.

Ellipsis is casting for the role of Hari Dev Kaushal, followed by an ensemble cast which is set to bring depth and authenticity to the several characters who were crucial to the case. Said Ellipsis partner Tanuj Garg, “As a huge fan of the espionage genre, I was intrigued to read about the case, which continues to remain shrouded in mystery. Several people associated with the probe, including the primary suspect, kept dying within months of the incident. We can’t wait to lock our cast and go into shoot soon.”

Atul Kasbekar added, “My first photographic assignments in 1990 were with Rahul and Mukul Dev who are also personal friends. I had the good fortune of personally interacting with their father, Hari Dev Ji, extensively. It’s poetic that he is the hero of this compelling story.” ALSO READ: Vidya Balan, Pratik Gandhi, Ileana DCruz and Sendhil Ramamurthy starrer titled Do Aur Do Pyaar; set to release on March 29, 2024

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Janhvi Kapoor and Ishaan Khatter to reunite for Dharma Productions’ next with Neeraj Ghaywan: Report

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Six years after their Bollywood debut in Shashank Khaitan's Dhadak, Janhvi Kapoor and Ishaan Khatter are set to share the screen once again. This reunion comes courtesy of Dharma Productions, with National Award-winning director Neeraj Ghaywan at the helm. As per a report in Peeping Moon, the movie is currently in pre-production and is expected to begin filming in Bhopal this October. The film will also star Vishal Jethwa, previously seen in Tiger 3.

The report describes this upcoming project as an “emotional human drama.” The film promises a fresh take for both Kapoor and Khatter. “It's a well-written, ensemble-cast drama that Neeraj Ghaywan has been working on for the past two years,” a source close to the development shared. “Both Janhvi and Ishaan have enormous admiration for the director's work and quickly came aboard the film as it offers them roles that are a complete departure from what they played in Dhadak. They had been itching to collaborate once more since their first movie and are thrilled to have found the perfect reunion recipe in Neeraj's film.”

After his directorial debut with Vicky Kaushal starrer Masaan in 2015, he went on to direct season 2 of Sacred Games and contributed episodes to Made in Heaven Season 2 and Dharma Productions' anthology film Ajeeb Daastaans.

This will mark Janhvi Kapoor’s fifth project with Dharma Productions, following Dhadak, Gunjan Saxena: The Kargil Girl, Mr. and Mrs. Mahi, and the upcoming Sunny Sanskari Ki Tulsi Kumari. However, Dostana 2 could have been the sixth addition before it was shelved. Ishaan Khatter, on the other hand, has only worked with Dharma on Dhadak, making this his second project with them. The film also marks a notable transition for television actor Vishal Jethwa, known for his antagonist role in Yash Raj Films' Mardaani 2 and Tiger 3. This will be his first project with Dharma Productions.

On the work front, Janhvi Kapoor will soon be seen in the gripping thriller Ulajh, releasing in theatres on August 2. She also has Devara: Part 1 with Jr. NTR hitting theaters on September 27. Ishaan Khatter, meanwhile, has two Netflix projects on the horizon – an international series titled The Perfect Couple alongside Hollywood stars Nicole Kidman and Dakota Fanning, and a romantic drama series called Royals, co-starring, Bhumi Pednekar. ALSO READ: Janhvi Kapoor starrer Ulajh trailer gets praises from beau Shikhar Pahariya, Arjun Kapoor, Rajkummar Rao, Jim Sarbh & more

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KL Rahul and Athiya Shetty invest in luxurious Rs 20 crore Pali Hill apartment

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Cricketer KL Rahul and his wife Athiya Suneil Shetty have purchased an apartment in Pali Hill area in Bandra, Mumbai, for ₹20 crore, according to property registration papers accessed by

According to the paperwork, the property measures 3,350 square feet and is located on the second level of the ground-plus-18 floors of the Sandhu Palace building in the Pali Hill district of Bandra.

The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) has issued a partial occupation certificate for the ground-plus-18-floor structure, according to the records.

Rahul and Shetty paid stamp duty of ₹1.20 crore and registration cost of ₹30,000, as per papers.

The unit has four car parking spaces. The documents show that the transaction was registered on July 15.

Recently, The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) will award ₹125 crore in prize money to the Indian cricket team's winning players among the coaching staff for their World Cup victory.

A query submitted to Sandhu Builders and KL Rahul did not receive a response.

Pali Hill is a prestigious address where various Bollywood stars and wealthy individuals have purchased mansions. Luxury apartment projects typically cost ₹1 lakh or more per square foot, according to local brokers.

Pali Hill made headlines in August 2023 when Bollywood legend Dilip Kumar's bungalow, a local icon that originally stood on a 2,000 square meter (sq m) site, was redeveloped. Bollywood actor Aamir Khan's Pali Hill building will also be rebuilt.

Several Bollywood celebrities own properties in Bandra, including Salman Khan, Shahrukh Khan, Saif Ali Khan, Janhvi Kapoor, and Tripti Dimri.

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Four Indian films including Maharaja, Srikanth, Maharaj, and Wild Wild Punjab trend on Netflix's Global Top 10 Films

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Netflix’s Global Top 10 Films (Non-English) features four films from India for the week spanning July 8- July 14.  Garnering close to 11 million views in total, these four Indian films are Rajkummar Rao's inspirational biographical drama, Srikanth which is on the third spot, Vijay Sethupathi's Tamil-language action crime thriller, Maharaja on number 4, the adventurous ensemble comedy, Wild Wild Punjab on number 6 and YRF's period drama based on true events, Maharaj at number 10.

This feat highlights the global appeal and growing love for Indian stories all over the world. Each Indian film featured on the list spans diverse genres- from an out and out comedy set in Punjab, an inspirational story of losses and wins, an action-packed thriller to a periodic drama featuring a landmark court case. What's obvious is that the appetite for Indian stories is huge and will only continue to grow irrespective of genre, language and geography.

About Srikanth

Inspired by the real-life story of a visually-impaired industrialist and the founder of Bollant Industries, Srikanth features Rajkummar Rao in the title role and is directed by Tushar Hiranandani. It also stars Jyothika, Alaya F and Sharad Kelkar in key roles.

About Maharaja

Directed by Nithilan Swaminathan, the film stars Vijay Sethupathi in the title role, alongside Anurag Kashyap, Sachana Namidass, Mamta Mohandas, Natarajan Subramaniam, Abhirami Gopikumar, Aruldoss, Munishkanth, Manikandan, Singampuli and Bharathiraja in key roles. Maharaja revolves around a barber who tells the cops that his Lakshmi, an iron dustbin, is missing after his home gets burglarized, but the cops begin to suspect his true intentions.

About Wild Wild Punjab

Wild Wild Punjab is a 2024 Indian Hindi-language comedy film directed by Simarpreet Singh and stars Varun Sharma, Jassie Gill, Sunny Singh, Manjot Singh, Patralekha Paul and Ishita Raj Sharma. It was released on Netflix last week on July 10, 2024.

About Maharaj

Marking the debut of Aamir Khan’s son Junaid Khan, Maharaj, co-starring Jaideep Ahlawat, Shalini Pandey and Sharvari is inspired by real-life events of the Maharaj Libel Case of 1862 and based on Saurabh Shah's novel about the case.

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Ranjan Chandel BREAKS SILENCE on stepping down from The Sabarmati Report citing creative differences

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Vikrant Massey's upcoming film The Sabarmati Report, initially slated for release in August 2024, has hit a hurdle with director Ranjan Chandel's departure from the project. Readers may recall that Bollywood Hungama was among the first ones to report that Tushar Hiranandani will be reshooting certain portions of the Rajan Chandel directorial. Now, in a recent interview, Rajan not only confirmed the news but also stated the reason behind his departure. 

In a chat with Hindustan Times, Chandel clarified the situation. While he confirmed filming was complete, he revealed creative differences over proposed additions to the film. "The makers wanted them, so I decided to step back from it," he stated. He explained the sensitive nature of the film's subject matter as a key factor in his decision.

Chandel also addressed rumors that the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) suggested the changes, causing a delay. "However, that isn't true at all," he concluded. The film's release date remains uncertain, but the makers are reportedly aiming for a new theatrical window in September or October 2024.

For the unversed, earlier this month, a source close to the team told us, “The film is not going for a massive reshoot. The producers felt that some scenes could come out strongly and also, they thought of roping in Tushar Hiranandani for the reshoot. The actors, too, readily came on board.” Apart from this Bollywood Hungama was also the first one to report that The Sabarmati Report wouldn’t be able to make it in cinemas on May 3. 

Also Read: Vikrant Massey starrer The Sabarmati Report faces new hurdles – Director Ranjan Chandel replaced with Tushar Hiranandani by Ektaa R Kapoor over differences; reshoots commence: Report

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Kubbra Sait joins Ajay Devgn, Sanjay Dutt, and Mrunal Thakur in Son of Sardar 2

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Actress Kubbra Sait who continues to dazzle as one of the brightest talents in the Indian entertainment industry. After showcasing her skill and range in numerous projects, Kubbra Sait has landed a role in one of the most anticipated comedy sequels, Son of Sardar 2, featuring a stellar cast.

Kubbra Sait's new role

An independent industry source revealed, “Kubbra Sait has joined the cast of Ajay Devgn, Sanjay Dutt, and Mrunal Thakur in Son of Sardar 2. While the specifics of her role are being kept under wraps, it is known that she will play an interesting character in this big-screen entertainer directed by Vijay Arora.”

Filming details

The source added, “Kubbra Sait will begin shooting for the film next month, with a significant portion of the film set to be shot overseas.” This international shoot location adds an extra layer of excitement and grandeur to the project.

Kubbra Sait's growing portfolio

Talking about Kubbra Sait, the actress who was seen in Farzi, The Trial, Gully Boy, and Sacred Games, is having one of the biggest line-ups in her career. Besides Son of Sardar 2, she will be seen in an action-packed avatar in Shahid Kapoor starrer Deva. She also recently began shooting for a David Dhawan’s comedy entertainer that features Varun Dhawan, Mrunal Thakur, Sreeleela, and Maniesh Paul.

A star-studded cast

Son of Sardar 2 promises to be a highly anticipated sequel with Ajay Devgn, Sanjay Dutt, and Mrunal Thakur already creating a buzz. Kubbra Sait’s addition to the cast only heightens the excitement around this project. Fans eagerly await more details about her role and the film’s release.

Kubbra Sait's continuous rise in the entertainment industry and her upcoming projects showcase her versatility and talent, making her one of the most promising actors in contemporary Indian cinema.

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BREAKING: CBFC passes Deadpool & Wolverine with an 'A' certificate and just one minor cut

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The much-awaited film Deadpool & Wolverine is all set to release next week and the excitement for it is considerable. The studio backing the film in India, Disney-Fox, completed the censor process in time and in this report, we'll throw light on this aspect.

Usually, the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) is known for demanding an unfair amount of cuts, both audio and visual. Hence, fans of this series will be happy to know that the Examining Committee of the CBFC has been lenient this time around. Not a single scene has been cut or gone through any censorship. The only cut asked by them was to mute an abusive word.

Apart from that, the liquor brands were blurred and a health advisory ticker was asked to be inserted in scenes of alcohol consumption and smoking.

Once these changes were made, the makers of Deadpool & Wolverine were granted an 'A' certificate on July 12. The length of the film, as mentioned on the censor certificate, is 129.55 minutes. In other words, the run time of the superhero comedy is 2 hours 9 minutes and 55 seconds.

Deadpool & Wolverine releases on July 26 as part of Phase Five of the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe). Yesterday, Bollywood Hungama did an exclusive report that the film has sold nearly 37,000 tickets in PVR, Inox and Cinepolis. This means that it is all set to have a double-digit opening.

The buzz for Deadpool & Wolverine is strong as it brings two of the loved superheroes together. The chemistry of Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman has been loved in the trailers and during the promotions. As a result, globally, the film is set to set the box office on fire.

Besides Ryan and Hyan, Deadpool & Wolverine also stars Rhett Reese, Paul Wernick and Zeb Wells. It is directed by Shawn Levy.

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Rohit Shetty roped in as the new ambassador for Snickers in his action style

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Mars Wrigley India is thrilled to announce Bollywood director and action maestro Rohit Shetty as the new ambassador for Snickers. Known for his high-octane films and vibrant personality, Shetty brings his signature charisma and dynamic style to elevate the Snickers brand. This collaboration is an exciting installment in the iconic "You're Not You When You're Hungry" campaign promising to resonate with the audience.

Shetty’s larger-than-life persona and dynamic flair energize the Snickers brand. The new TVC, conceptualized by DDB Tribal, captures his legendary car stunts, seamlessly shifting gears with the brand’s message. Renowned for fearless driving scenes and action-packed sequences, Shetty injects unmatched energy into the campaign, creating an exhilarating and unforgettable experience. This partnership promises an explosive blend of action and drama.

The film opens with Rohit Shetty mentoring a young boy at a HUNGAL Driving School car. As the boy struggles with tight-space driving, Shetty takes control, showcasing his signature maneuvers, and impressing the boy with his skills. The car suddenly halts, and Shetty humorously backtracks, leading them into a bustling fish market. The final twist occurs when the car ends up on a boat in the middle of the sea. The boy hands Shetty a SNICKERS®, saying, “You become Rohit Shetty when you’re hungry.” Shetty eats the SNICKERS® and transforms back into a calm driving instructor, highlighting the tagline’s impact.

Rohit Shetty, sharing his excitement about the collaboration, expressed, “I am excited to be the new brand ambassador for Snickers, This collaboration is incredibly exciting because it aligns perfectly with my on-screen persona. The TVC was a blast to shoot, bringing together my love for cars and action. The message of SNICKERS® – that hunger can turn you into someone completely different – is something I think everyone can relate to. I’m looking forward to sharing this fun and high-energy campaign with the audience”

We are thrilled to have Rohit Shetty endorse and lend his signature swagger to the Snickers brand. Rohit’s authentic and adventurous personality are perfect fit with Snickers," said Nikhil Rao, Chief Marketing Officer, Mars Wrigley India. "Snickers reignites its timeless and world-famous creative proposition 'You're not you when you're hungry.' Our new campaign film with Rohit showcases high-octane drama and humor, especially connecting with our Gen Z audience across media touch points. We believe this collaboration will stand out and strengthen SNICKERS®’s position as the ultimate hunger bar. We are confident that Rohit’s association with SNICKERS® is the beginning of great impactful work on the brand in India.”

Iraj Fraz, Creative Head, DDB Tribal said “Snickers "You're Not You When You're Hungry" is one of the most enduring campaigns in the world, with its endless adaptability, local flavors, and rofling use of humor. And Snickers India in partnership with DDB Mudra is simply continuing the tradition with a fresh interpretation. We have Rohit Shetty starring in his most hilarious, and perhaps his easiest-ever role – since he plays himself. Through the last few months, the clients, the agency, and the production team have all had a riot of a time building this campaign and we’re sure the audience is going to enjoy it equally.”

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Manjummel Boys fame director Chidambaram collaborates with Phantom Studios for his Hindi feature film

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Renowned for his directorial brilliance in Malayalam cinema, Chidambaram is all set to make his mark in the Hindi film industry with an exciting new project in collaboration with Phantom Studios. The announcement was officially made by Srishti Behl, CEO of Phantom Studios, signaling a significant step for both the director and the production house into new creative territories.

Speaking about the collaboration, Phantom Studios’ CEO, Srishti Behl expressed her enthusiasm, stating, "We are delighted to welcome Chidambaram to the Phantom family. We have always been a creative oriented company empowering directors to do some of their best work with Phantom. In this new world where language no longer restricts film makers, we intend to bring unique voices from diverse regions into Hindi cinema to craft narratives that transcend linguistic boundaries. Chidambaram is the ideal person for us to collaborate with. His unique vision and storytelling prowess align perfectly with our creative ethos at Phantom Studios. We are excited to bring his vision to Hindi film audiences”.

Phantom Studios took to their Instagram handle to make the announcement that read, “We’re thrilled to commence a new collaborative journey with the immensely talented @_chidambaram_! He’s made his mark in the south with his unique vision and storytelling prowess, and we’re excited to work on his debut in hindi cinema! Phantom has always leaned towards pushing concept driven stories and empowering creative oriented directors, and Chidambaram’s creative vision aligns perfectly with our ethos. He has smashed box office records with Manjummel Boys, and we’re excited to see the magic we make together @srishtibehlarya @_chidambaram_ @bhavnatalwar.”


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Chidambaram was applauded for his work on Manjummel Boys, which has been a critical as well as a commercial success.  Speaking about his debut in Hindi cinema, Chidambaram expressed his excitement, stating, "I am very excited to take this step forward to Hindi mainstream cinema. Although Manjummel Boys will always remain special, I am honored and excited to collaborate with Phantom Studios for my first Hindi feature film. It's an opportunity to explore new narratives and reach out to a wider audience while staying true to the essence of storytelling that defines my work."

As the project moves forward, all eyes are on Chidambaram and Phantom Studios, eagerly anticipating the unveiling of their collaborative masterpiece that is sure to leave an indelible mark on Hindi cinema.

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India’s legendary investors invest in Mahaveer Jain’s company

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In a landmark move, three of India's most esteemed investors, venture capitalists, and capital market experts invest in a prominent film production company founded by renowned producer Mahaveer Jain. The illustrious group includes Vallabh Bhansali (co-founder, Enam Securities), Motilal Oswal (co-founder, Motilal Oswal Financial Services), Nikhil Kamath (co-founder, Zerodha & Gruhas), and his partner Abhijeet Pai (co-founder Gruhas).

While the investment details remain undisclosed, this strategic partnership is poised to revolutionize the content creation landscape.

Mahaveer Jain's production company has an impressive portfolio, including the recently released Uunchai (produced in collaboration with Rajshri Productions and directed by Sooraj R Barjatya, starring Amitabh Bachchan, Anupam Kher, Boman Irani and others).

The company's upcoming projects include: an international thriller inspired by the life of Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar (co-produced with Siddharth Anand, director of Pathaan and War). A film with Akshay Kumar, directed by Mrighdeep Singh Lamba (of Fukrey fame) and a biopic on the life of Grandmaster Vishwanathan Anand, to name a few.

Mahaveer Jain's vision is to harness the power of films, shows, and music to spread hope, happiness, and love. With this investment, the company aims to create content that not only entertains but also inspires and uplifts audiences worldwide.

This collaboration marks a significant milestone in the Indian film industry, and we can expect exciting developments in the days to come.

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Vijay Sethupathi on Maharaja, “When I heard the story, I was shaken”

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Vijay Sethupathi’s performance in his new Tamil hit in the form of Nithilan Swaminathan’s Maharaja is so tonally correct—he is a father who won’t grieve until justice is served—I cannot imagine how the timorous structure of the storytelling would have worked without him. In the way he internalizes his grief and the raging need for revenge, Sethupathi reminded me of Nicolas Cage in Panos Cosmatos’s Mandy. It is ironical that at a time when Sethupathi’s role model Kamal Haasan is exploring surface-level revenge stories, Sethupathi has gone so deep into the theme that I feared he may lose his way. He didn’t.

Vijay is overjoyed at the success of Maharaja. “Sir, my first Rs. 100 crores film. See, every film I choose like that (to be a success). Some films become a hit like this. Some films connect. Some emotions connect. We choose all the films with so much passion and with so much effort only we do, sir. When this subject came to me, I just loved it. I loved the non-linear writing. That attracted me. Because it was a surprise for me. So, the director said, ‘You listen to the script fully, then only you will enjoy it’. So, I was sitting and listening to the whole story,” he said.

Vijay was hesitant about accepting Maharaja as he had already committed himself to another project with a similar subject. “I was supposed to do one more film like this only,” he said. “So, I said, I already gave my word to one director. So, I told Nithilan, let me check whether if the other director is making that film. If he is then I can't do this film. The other director said, ‘I am not going to do that film’. He said so. Otherwise, it is not right. Because I liked that other script, then only I said okay to him na Sir. Whatever it may be, sir, we just wanted to tell an interesting story with the politically correct ethics. If anything comes, and if it convinces me, I will try to do that film, Sir. But I am not expecting many films Maharaja. I would hope that it happens more often, such films should happen more often. They are a reflection of society in the truest and the rawest sense.”

About the theme of child rape, Vijay admits he was disturbed. “Sir, when I heard the story, I was shaken. How could anyone do this to a child and how can a father cope with such a trauma? But then we actors have to rise above personal emotions. We do it, we just try to understand what are the emotions in the shot. Then we do it, Sir. When I do it, how do I communicate it? Out of expression, out of silence. So, it's just in my mind,” said the actor.

Vijay continued, “I’ve always believed that for an actor, silences always speak louder than words. At least it’s true of me. I always feel the words come in the way of expressing the feelings. I am at my most expressive when I am not speaking. In a forthcoming film Gandhi Talks, I don’t know talk at all. It is a silent film. Actually, when I was telling the third story to the cops, I broke down. The first two times when I was telling the story, I didn't lose control. But third time when I got that image, the tears were real. It was not... This shouldn’t happen to anyone.”

Vijay is all praise for Anurag Kashyap who plays the antagonist. “Sir, he did great job, sir,” he said. “Yes, he did. He actually got injured when he fell down the stairs in the climax. Which means pain was there. But when we did the climax, he was so happy that he got injured. He was saying, ‘Now that I'm crawling, I can use only my one hand. Otherwise, I would have used both my hands.’ So not bothering about your own physical hurt…. Because he's a director, he understands these things. ‘Because I got injured here, so that I can use my only one hand.’ So that way of approach, that's a great thing. It is a great thing.”

He added, “And then in the last minute only, he came up with the dialogue, Sir. Because he kept on changing the dialogue. He rewrites always. He worked very hard. He didn't understand a single word of the dialogues in Tamil. Then I tried to help a little. I understood his difficulty, Sir, when it's time to say Hindi dialogue. I have to read it for a long time. Because it's not my native language. So my breath pattern is not for Hindi. Breath pattern is for my mother tongue. Everybody has it, no? Your breath pattern is based on your language.”

Vijay admits that he feels similar disadvantaged when speaking Hindi dialogues. He said, “If I read my Hindi dialogues 100-200 times, so that I get that breath pattern for saying Hindi dialogue. Suppose if I speak my dialogues in Telugu or Marathi, I’ve to read the dialogues over and over again, so that I get that breath pattern. But Anurag kept on changing the words so he could get the emotion of the scene. It was very difficult. But he did it. He understood it. So being a director, he could understand the script better than a mere actor like me.”

“Because our director Nithilan Swaminathan had so much respect for Anurag Kashyap, what happened was, Nithilan came in the middle of a shot when Anurag was about to fall down the stairs,” he said. “He loved and he respected Anurag sir so much. So, he came in the middle and he said, ‘Don't do this’. But Anurag insisted on doing a real fall. Anurag was very sincere and he was very supportive. Not only Anurag, everybody around me. Combined. Yeah, it's everybody. So when we are in the frame, we have to very cooperative with our co-actors. Otherwise, the energy, the timing won't match. If I just wanted to show myself as an actor .... I want my co-actors, whether they are big or small, I want them to be comfortable. And it works.”

Maharaja, said Vijay, got a delayed release. He revealed, “Sir, we completed Maharaja last year November. We were delayed because of the elections. Release date is most important, Sir. We couldn’t release it with Kalki 2898 AD. We couldn’t release it with bigger films. So, we didn’t get theatres. We've been waiting for release, sir. Four months waiting for the release, sir. Give your best shot. Do your most sincere work. Be the best version of yourself on screen. And then leave the rest to whatever you want to call it. Destiny, God or whatever.”

Vijay’s next? “There is Viduthalai Part 2 is. In a few days we are releasing a new poster. Viduthalai means freedom. We are releasing it October-November. That’s the plan.”

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CBFC asks 85 cuts in Diljit Dosanjh starrer Punjab ‘95, based on life of Jaswant Singh Khalra; release remains uncertain: Report

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The release of Honey Trehan's directorial venture, Punjab '95, hangs in the balance, facing hurdles from the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC). The film chronicles the story of human rights activist Jaswant Singh Khalra, who investigated the disappearances and killings of Sikh youths during the Punjab insurgency (1984-1994). Starring Diljit Dosanjh in the lead role, Punjab '95 was recently screened by the CBFC, which demanded a staggering 85 cuts. However, the troubles don't end there. Sources suggest that despite complying with the cuts, the board remains hesitant to grant the film a release certificate.

According to a detailed report in Mid-day, an insider revealed, “The filmmakers agreed to the 85 cuts, but the CBFC expressed concerns about the film's sensitive subject matter and questioned its suitability for release in the current climate. A final decision is yet to be made.” This isn't the first time Punjab '95 (previously titled Ghallughara) has clashed with the censor board. In December 2022, the film faced a six-month-long certification process, with the CBFC demanding 21 cuts and a title change. Ronnie Screwvala's production house challenged the decision in the Bombay High Court, leading to the film's withdrawal from the 2023 Toronto International Film Festival lineup. Despite the quadrupled number of cuts and the looming uncertainty, a cast member maintains the team's commitment to releasing the film. “The movie might be heavily edited, but the team is determined to get it out there,” the actor stated. “Right now, we're fighting for its very existence.” However, the source remained tight-lipped about the team's future course of action. Another source suggests the producers have been discouraged from releasing the film due to its exploration of Khalra's death. The activist disappeared in September 1995, and ten years later, six Punjab police officials were convicted of his murder. “The producer has been advised to consider it a loss,” the source claimed. “The CBFC is unlikely to approve it due to its potentially volatile content. There are concerns that the film portrays the police in a negative light by depicting Khalra's custodial death, which could incite violence. The entire narrative might need a drastic overhaul for release.” Set in the turbulent 1990s Amritsar, Punjab '95 revolves around Jaswant Singh Khalra, a seemingly ordinary bank employee and human rights activist, who leads a middle-class life with his librarian wife and two young children. His desire for a peaceful existence is shattered when he learns about the disappearance of his friend's mother, Bibi Gurpej. As Khalra delves deeper into the investigation, he uncovers a dangerous web of secrets, putting himself and his family at risk. Directed by Honey Trehan and produced by Ronnie Screwvala in association with MacGuffin Pictures, Punjab '95 also features Arjun Rampal and Surinder Vicky in pivotal roles.

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Aahana Kumra buys Mercedes worth Rs 78 lakhs: “I've dreamt of this for too long”

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Bollywood actress Aahana Kumra is celebrating a major milestone – she's the proud owner of her very first luxury car, a Mercedes GLC! Taking to Instagram, Aahana shared a heartwarming video of the special moment at the showroom, surrounded by her parents.

Aahana Kumra Buys Dream Car The caption accompanying the video reads, "Meri life Ki pehli Mercedes! I've dreamt of this for too long!" This heartfelt message reflects Aahana's long-held aspiration of owning a Mercedes. The excitement extends to her family as well, with Aahana expressing her gratitude: "Thank you mom and dad in believing in me always!"


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Manifesting Goals Having said that, it is worth mentioning here that back in 2022, she spoke about her dream of buying a house, revealing the sacrifices she made to achieve this goal. Through consistent work and smart financial planning, Aahana has successfully manifested her dreams, one after the other. From 'Lipstick Under My Burkha' to Luxury Cars Aahana rose to fame with her critically acclaimed performance in the 2016 film Lipstick Under My Burkha. The film, known for its bold exploration of women's freedom, faced challenges with the censor board but ultimately emerged victorious. This fighting spirit is evident in Aahana's journey as well.

Up next for Aahana is the highly anticipated crime thriller series Mixture, where she'll star alongside Anushka Ranjan. This project promises to showcase Aahana's versatility as an actress.

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SCOOP: CULT anime film Ramayana: The Legend Of Prince Rama to have a GRAND release in cinemas

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Last year saw the release of Adipurush (2023) based on the epic Ramayana. Next year, if all goes well, another film on this subject will be released, starring Ranbir Kapoor, Sai Pallavi, Sunny Deol and Yash. And this year, too, audiences will be treated with a film version of Ramayana, that too, the one which is close to their hearts. As per trade sources, the much-loved anime film Ramayana: The Legend Of Prince Rama is all set to release in theatres this year.

A trade expert told Bollywood Hungama, “Ramayana: The Legend Of Prince Rama has been remastered in 4K by the makers. They felt that releasing the movie in cinemas could be a good idea as it never arrived on the big screen. Moreover, they keep getting a lot of love and positive comments on their social media handles. In fact, after Adipurush disappointed moviegoers, many on social media drew parallels with Ramayana: The Legend Of Prince Rama and shared its clips. This proves that it has a strong recall value and a cult following.”

The source further added, “The makers have begun talks with distributors to understand how wide the release should be and other such strategies.” When asked when the film will be released, the source replied, “The date has not been locked. But they are looking at releasing it either in September or October. A clearer picture will emerge in a few weeks.”

Ramayana: The Legend Of Prince Rama was a co-production between India and Japan and was directed by Koichi Sasaki, Ram Mohan and Yugo Sako. Originally in English, it was later dubbed in Hindi. The latter version was played on the popular kids’ channel Cartoon Network in 2002 as a weekly series and got a huge viewership.

Interestingly, Arun Govil, who played the role of Lord Rama in the classic TV show Ramayan, also voiced the character in Ramayana: The Legend Of Prince Rama. Amrish Puri meanwhile gave the voiceover for Ravana. Acclaimed music director Vanraj Bhatia composed its songs.

Another fascinating trivia was that an alternate English version was released in the USA. It was called Warrior Prince and The Prince of Light: The Legend Of Ramayana and Lord Rama was voiced by none other than Bryan Cranston of 'Breaking Bad' fame. Moreover, the narrator was James Earl Jones, who provided the voice for Darth Vader in the Star Wars franchise.

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Wamiqa Gabbi announced as first Indian brand ambassador for Korean beauty brand INNISFREE

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Korean skincare giant INNISFREE marks a new chapter in its Indian journey by appointing actress Wamiqa Gabbi as its first brand ambassador in the country. This strategic partnership aims to amplify INNISFREE's presence, connect with a wider Indian audience, and inspire a new generation to embrace nature-powered skincare routines.

INNISFREE has garnered a global following for its commitment to natural ingredients sourced from the pristine Jeju Island in South Korea. The brand is particularly renowned for its hydrating and nourishing formulas, perfect for a variety of skin types. This focus on natural elements resonates deeply with Wamiqa Gabbi, known for her captivating performances across various Indian film industries.

With her effortless elegance and dedication to her craft, Wamiqa embodies the essence of natural beauty, making her a perfect fit for INNISFREE. Her diverse career reflects the brand's global reach, and her commitment to authenticity aligns seamlessly with INNISFREE's core values of natural and sustainable skincare. As a vegan herself, Wamiqa's eco-friendly outlook perfectly complements INNISFREE's PETA certification, solidifying her as the ideal brand partner for the Indian market.

“Being a huge fan of Korean skincare, INNISFREE has always been a favourite of mine,” Wamiqa shared with Financial Express. “As a vegan, partnering with INNISFREE feels like a natural extension of my own beliefs. Their dedication to sustainability and natural ingredients truly resonates with me.  Every product I've used has exceeded my expectations, and I'm thrilled to share my love for both the products and the brand's values.”

This exciting collaboration underscores INNISFREE's commitment to the Indian market. “INNISFREE was the first brand to enter India with 100% FDI, and we've been experiencing rapid growth ever since,” says Paul Lee, Managing Director and Country Head of Amorepacific India, INNISFREE's parent company. “Our recent PETA certification further emphasizes our commitment to vegan and eco-conscious skincare. Welcoming Wamiqa as our brand ambassador strengthens this philosophy.”

Mini Sood Banerjee, Assistant Director and Head of Marketing and Training at Amorepacific India, elaborated on Wamiqa's unique qualities, “We're delighted to have Wamiqa on board. She embodies a perfect blend of natural charm, talent, and authenticity. Her dedication to inspiring others to embrace their individuality and inner confidence makes her the ideal partner for INNISFREE. Her role will not only strengthen our brand presence but also resonate with our Indian customers who value authenticity and quality.”

Yezy Jeon, Brand Manager of INNISFREE India, expressed the brand's excitement, “We're all thrilled to welcome Wamiqa to the INNISFREE family. Our products are known for being gentle and effective on all skin types. With Wamiqa as the face of the brand, we aim to encourage our consumers to make conscious choices and join us on our journey towards a greener tomorrow.” ALSO READ: SCOOP: Rajkummar Rao and Wamiqa Gabbi arrive in Varanasi to kick off the shoot for Maddock Films’ Bhul Chuk Maaf

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Shah Rukh Khan and Suhana Khan prepare for multi-villain arc in Siddharth Anand’s King, to be shot extensively in Europe: Report

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In an exciting development for Bollywood fans, it was reported recently that Abhishek Bachchan will play the main antagonist in Siddharth Anand’s upcoming film King. Directed by Sujoy Ghosh, the film is set to feature Shah Rukh Khan and his daughter Suhana Khan in pivotal roles.

Multi-villain arc and casting details King will ride on a multi-villain arc, with SRK and Suhana taking down a series of formidable foes. Besides Abhishek Bachchan, the casting for other antagonist roles is underway, with the team seeking credible actors from the Hindi film industry. According to Pinkvilla’s report, the film will commence shooting in November 2024, with a diverse cast to be finalized soon.

Extensive shoot across Europe The film will be shot both in India and abroad, with significant portions being filmed across various European countries. Extensive reconnaissance was conducted by Siddharth Anand, Sujoy Ghosh, and their team in Prague and London. The source added, “They plan to shoot the film at multiple European countries and a lot of action will unfold in Prague. Sid and the team have also done a recce at London, and the schedules of the shoot are being planned at the moment.”

Shah Rukh Khan and Suhana Khan’s roles In King, Shah Rukh Khan will portray an underworld don, with Suhana Khan playing his protégé. The film promises to be a raw action spectacle infused with deep emotions. The collaboration between Marflix Entertainment and Red Chillies is expected to deliver a gripping narrative with high-octane action sequences.

Release and future projects King is targeting a release date in late 2025 or early 2026. After completing King by mid-2025, Shah Rukh Khan is expected to move on to the highly anticipated Pathaan 2, a part of the YRF Spy Universe. Fans can look forward to a thrilling cinematic experience with both projects.

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Huma Qureshi unveils her look for Bayaan, shares set pictures

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Bollywood actress Huma Qureshi has unveiled her character for the upcoming film Bayaan, an investigative police procedural drama directed by Bikas Mishra. The actress shared her excitement on Instagram, posting set photos and a caption announcing her role. "Roohi Kartar reporting on duty!! #Bayaan @shiladityabora @bikasmishra Day 1," she wrote, marking the first day of shooting.

An insight into Bayaan Bayaan, directed by Bikas Mishra, is expected to be a gripping police procedural drama. Mishra, who previously received critical acclaim for his film Chauranga, is set to bring his unique storytelling skills to this new project. The film will delve into the intricacies of police investigations, with Huma Qureshi playing a central role as Roohi Kartar, a dedicated officer.


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  A post shared by Huma Qureshi (@iamhumaq)

Produced by Shiladitya Bora The film is produced by award-winning producer Shiladitya Bora, known for his work on various critically acclaimed films. Bayaan will also be developed at Film Independent in Los Angeles, adding an international dimension to the project. Bora's involvement is expected to bring a high level of production quality and storytelling expertise to the film.

Huma Qureshi's growing filmography Huma Qureshi continues to expand her filmography with diverse roles. From her powerful performance in Gangs of Wasseypur to her recent success in web series and international projects, Qureshi has established herself as a versatile actress in the industry. Her role in Bayaan is highly anticipated by fans and critics alike.

Anticipation builds for Bayaan As the first set photos and announcements generate buzz, anticipation builds for Bayaan. With a talented team and intriguing premise, the film promises to be a compelling addition to the genre of police procedural dramas. Fans are eager to see how Huma Qureshi will bring the character of Roohi Kartar to life and what surprises Bikas Mishra has in store for the audience.

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Dharma Productions clarifies no remake rights sold for Lakshya – Raghav Juyal starrer Kill in Indian languages yet; only Hollywood remake confirmed

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Debutante Lakshya and dancer-turned-actor Raghav Juyal's action-packed film Kill has generated buzz with its intense storyline and gory visuals, but it seems a remake in any Indian language isn't on the cards yet. Dharma Productions and Sikhya Entertainment, the production houses behind the film, have recently shut down rumours of remake rights being sold.

Kill garnered attention for its unique casting choices. Lakshya, a newcomer, took on the lead role, while Raghav Juyal, known primarily for his dancing skills, surprised audiences with his portrayal of a menacing villain. The film's brutal fight sequences and "A" certificate rating due to graphic violence further fueled its notoriety.

While the film's remake rights have been sold to John Wick’s studio for Hollywood remake, reports of potential remakes in various Indian languages began to circulate. However, Dharma Productions has officially denied these claims. The statement read, “Putting the recent speculation surrounding the remake of our film Kill to rest - we confirm that only the English language remake rights have been sold. Indian language versions have not been acquired by any parties yet.”


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  A post shared by Dharma Productions (@dharmamovies)

Previously, reports revealed that Sudheer Babu and Kiran Abbavaram were in the race to acquire rights to the South Indian remake of the movie.

Kill revolves around a love story between Amrit (Lakshya) and Tulika (Tanya Maniktala) who face an arranged marriage challenge. Determined to win back Tulika, Amrit embarks on a daring mission with his friend Viresh (Raghav Juyal), leading them down a path of high-octane action.

As per Deadline, 87Eleven Entertainment, renowned for blockbuster action films like John Wick, will collaborate with Dharma Productions and Sikhya Entertainment on this project. The producers expressed their enthusiasm in a joint statement: “We are thrilled that 87Eleven Entertainment will produce a remake of our film in English.” They view this collaboration as "a big win for Indian cinema" and a testament to the film's potential for international success.

Kill was released in theatres on July 5, 2024. ALSO READ: Kill Box Office: Lakshya and Raghav Juyal starrer crosses Rs. 15 crores in 10 days 

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Meena Kumari Biopic: Kriti Sanon and Manish Malhotra’s project delayed again; filming expected to begin in 2025: Report

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Meena Kumari's biopic has been eagerly anticipated to chronicle her life and artistry. Reports suggested that Kriti Sanon was slated to portray the iconic actress, with fashion designer Manish Malhotra venturing into directing for the first time. However, there's been a change of plans. The highly anticipated project has been postponed yet again, with filming now expected to begin in early 2025.

According to a report in Mid-day, this isn't the first time the biopic has faced a delay. Initially planned for a 2023 shoot, it was pushed back by a year. Sources close to the production reveal that Manish Malhotra is meticulously revisiting the script. His vision is for a biopic that captures the essence of Meena Kumari's life with impeccable accuracy. “The material will be vetted by multiple script doctors before it goes into filming,” a source informed.

Meena Kumari's story is deeply intertwined with the golden age of Hindi cinema. Recreating that era demands meticulous pre-production planning. The delay allows the team more time to delve into historical details and ensure authenticity. This includes meticulously crafting costumes – a crucial element in portraying one of Hindi cinema's most celebrated actresses.

As the source further elaborates, "Since it's a period drama, this allows them ample time for pre-production. Costumes are also a big part when recounting the story of one of Hindi cinema's finest actors, and their recreation will take time.”

The yet-untitled film promises to be Kriti Sanon's first biopic in her decade-long career. It aims to be a poignant tribute to Meena Kumari, the actress who earned the moniker "Tragedy Queen" for her unforgettable portrayals of sorrow and resilience on screen. From the timeless classic Baiju Bawra (1952) to Sahib Bibi Aur Ghulam (1962) and the unforgettable Pakeezah (1972), Meena Kumari delivered some of Indian cinema's most treasured performances before her career was tragically cut short in 1972.

While the official title remains under wraps, anticipation for the film is sure to rise as we inch closer to its release in the first half of 2025. ALSO READ: Kriti Sanon invests in land in The House of Abhinandan Lodha’s project Sol De Alibaug

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Ramesh Taurani confirms Soldier sequel; says, “We will take a call on whether Bobby and Preity will be a part of it”

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Ramesh Taurani's 1998 film Soldier is still regarded as a seminal work in his career. It marks the first of many collaborations between Abbas-Mustan and Bobby Deol, as well as Preity Zinta's Bollywood debut. The action-thriller was a smash hit at the box office, earning the second-highest gross of the year behind Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. It drew recognition for the chemistry between its principal actors, and its music added to its success.

Deol hinted to a Soldier sequel a while ago, saying that he would like Taurani to make one. And the legendary producer, who just produced the spiritual sequel to Ishq Vishk, Ishq Vishk Rebound, today exclusively confirms to News18 Showsha that his plans for the Soldier franchise will come to fruition shortly. He said, “We’re definitely making a sequel to Soldier. We will begin shooting for the film next year.”

Taurani said, “We aren’t sure about the cast yet. Depends on how the story shapes, we will take a call on whether Bobby and Preity will be a part of it.”

Talking about how Soldier became Zinta's launch pad despite beginning the shoot of Kya Kehnaa, a teen pregnancy-themed film also produced by Taurani, previously, he said, “We had signed her for Kya Kehnaa first but it released late. While we were making it, Soldier which was a very big film for us was also going on floors. And we ended up casting her in Soldier as well.”

Taurani further stated, “We were concerned how both the trailers would fare if they released at the same time. Even publicity for two films starring the same actor would have been a problem. That’s why we had to release Kareeb earlier.” On a related note, in an interview a while back, Deol had teased the sequel to one his biggest hits saying, “It’s been a long time! Maybe after Animal, Ramesh ji, Tips owner, will think of making Soldier part two with me.”

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Stree 2 makers drop new spine-tingling poster ahead of trailer release on July 18

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Get ready for chills and laughs, because the wait for Stree 2 is about to get shorter! The makers of the highly anticipated horror-comedy sequel have officially announced the trailer release date. Mark your calendars, because Stree 2's trailer will be unleashed on July 18, 2024.

Building Anticipation with a Leaked Teaser

This news comes after the film's release date was confirmed for August 15, 2024. To further heighten the excitement, the makers initially planned to unveil a teaser attached to the theatrical release of the horror-comedy Munjya, starring Sharvari Wagh and Abhay Verma, starting June 14. However, the internet had other plans, as the teaser leaked online shortly after its theatrical debut.

A Glimpse of Box Office Magic

The leaked 54-second teaser promises a return to form for the beloved Stree franchise. Blending scares with side-splitting humour, the glimpse suggests the film has all the makings of a box office juggernaut. The 2018 film, directed by Amar Kaushik and written by Raj & DK, was a runaway success.

Stree 2 at the Box Office: A Three-Way Battle

Stree 2 is all set to hit theaters on Independence Day weekend, August 15th, 2024. However, the film will face stiff competition at the box office, going head-to-head with John Abraham's action-thriller Vedaa and the multi-starrer comedy Khel Khel Mein featuring Akshay Kumar and Fardeen Khan.

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BREAKING: Deadpool & Wolverine sells approx. 37,000 tickets in PVR, Inox, Cinepolis; all set to challenge day 1 collections of Oppenheimer

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The much-awaited film Deadpool & Wolverine is all set to release worldwide on July 26. The makers opened the advance booking earlier this week, that is, nearly 2 weeks before its release and the results are very encouraging.

As per the data sourced by Bollywood Hungama, as of Monday, July 15, Deadpool & Wolverine has sold nearly 37,000 tickets for the opening day in the three national chains – PVR, Inox and Cinepolis. While around 30,000 tickets were sold in the cinemas of PVR and Inox, the rest were sold in Cinepolis theatres. This is a very encouraging number especially 11 days before release. Needless to say, the ticket sales have been increasing day by day.

Last year, Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning - Part One sold approximately 28,000 tickets in the three national chains 6 days before release. Oppenheimer had sold 90,000 tickets until July 17 and 2 lakh tickets on the release day, that is, July 21, 2023. This year’s biggest Hollywood release, Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire, had sold 50,000 tickets a day before release and 96,000 tickets were sold on the morning of the release day. All these films had an opening of more than Rs. 10 crores. While Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning - Part One opened at Rs. 12.27 crores, Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire had a healthy opening of Rs. 12.60 crores. Oppenheimer, meanwhile, opened at a huge Rs. 14.45 crores.

As a result, one can expect Deadpool & Wolverine to also open in double digits. It now remains to be seen if it is able to cross Oppneheimer’s first-day earnings. A clearer picture in this regard will emerge next week.

The blockbuster ticket pricing has also gone in its favour also, as of now, the rates are lower than Oppenheimer. The Christopher Nolan-directorial made news when its IMAX tickets in the recliner class were sold at a record Rs. 2450 in PVR IMAX, Lower Parel, Mumbai.  At present, the most expensive ticket at the same theatre for Deadpool & Wolverine is priced at Rs. 1900.

What’s also significant is that Deadpool & Wolverine is an ‘A’ rated film and yet, the collections are going to be tremendous. This will make the superhero comedy the biggest adult Hollywood opener in India.

These ticket sales have spread cheer and were much needed especially after the poor collections of Hindustani 2 and Sarfira. Meanwhile, Bad Newz will release this week and it’s also a film that will turn the tide at the box office, along with Deadpool & Wolverine.

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EXCLUSIVE: CBFC censors 27 seconds of kissing across three scenes in Vicky Kaushal-Tripti Dimrii starrer Bad Newz

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The comic caper Bad Newz will release this Friday and the excitement for it is tremendous among the moviegoers and trade thanks to its entertaining trailer, fresh cast and chartbuster songs. A few days ago, it was reported that the film had been passed by the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC). In this report, Bollywood Hungama will inform readers of the cuts enforced on Bad Newz.

As per the cut list, the film hasn't got any audio cut. However, the Examining Committee of the CBFC has censored three scenes, involving two characters kissing. There are three such scenes, one of 9 seconds, the second of 10 seconds and the third of 8 seconds. In all, the CBFC made changes in these three scenes, totalling 27 seconds.

Interestingly, the cut list mentions the 'visual of lip-lock be modified' and also that not a single frame has been cut. It now remains to be seen how the kissing scenes have been 'modified' and viewers will get to know once they see the film.

The other changes asked by the CBFC were very minor like replacing a disclaimer in the beginning, inserting the anti-alcohol static and increasing the font size of the anti-alcohol static.

Once these changes were made, Bad Newz was granted a U/A certificate by the CBFC. The length of the film, as mentioned on the censor certificate, is 142 minutes. In other words, Bad Newz is 2 hours and 22 minutes long.

Bad Newz stars Vicky Kaushal, Triptii Dimri and Ammy Virk with Neha Dhupia in a supporting role. It is directed by Anand Tiwari and produced by Karan Johar of Dharma Productions, Anand Tiwari and Amritpal Singh Bindra of Leo Media Collective Pvt Ltd and Manish Menghani of Amazon Prime. It is all set to release on July 19.

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Rakul Preet Singh's brother Aman Preet Singh arrested in Hyderabad drug bust

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Aman Preet Singh, the brother of star Rakul Preet Singh, was detained in Hyderabad along with four others for allegedly using cocaine.

After raid on a flat in Hydershakotla in Narsingi, Telangana police said, "We seized 199 grams of cocaine worth ₹ 35 lakh, two passports, two bikes, 10 cell phones and other incriminating material from their possession."

The Telangana Anti Narcotics Bureau, Cyberabad Police's Special Operations Team (SOT), and Rajendranagar Police detained five drug dealers, including two Nigerians, for distributing cocaine to high-profile clientele in the city.

Avinash Mohanty, the Cyberabad Commissioner of Police, stated that Aman is one of those clients.

Five of the 13 users were detained, and all five had positive cocaine tests on their urine samples.

Aniketh, Prasad, Aman, Madhu, and Nikhil are the five individuals detained.

"It is an ardent request from Telangana Anti-Narcotics Bureau to the youth/students not to fall prey to drugs and request the parents to keep a watch on the activities of their children and feel free to approach police," the Telangana police said in a statement.

Rakul Preet Singh was summoned by the Enforcement Directorate last year for a narcotics trafficking and usage case. The investigating agency recorded the 33-year-old actor's statement in this case in both 2022 and 2021.

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Shah Rukh Khan to face off against Abhishek Bachchan in Siddharth Anand's King directed by Sujoy Ghosh: Report

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Get ready for a thrilling face-off! Bollywood superstars Shah Rukh Khan and Abhishek Bachchan are teaming up for a high-octane action film titled King. Following the success of his blockbuster projects Pathaan and Jawan, Shah Rukh Khan is gearing up for another mega project. Directed by the acclaimed Sujoy Ghosh (known for Kahaani) and produced by Siddharth Anand, King promises to be a visually stunning and action-packed experience.

Abhishek Bachchan Takes on the Antagonist Role According to a report by PeepingMoon, Abhishek Bachchan has been cast as the antagonist opposite Shah Rukh Khan. Details about his character are under wraps, but sources reveal that it will be a sophisticated and complex villain, a stark contrast to the roles Abhishek has typically portrayed. This "out-and-out negative role" is expected to showcase his acting prowess in a fresh light.

Readers may recall that Shah Rukh Khan's daughter, Suhana Khan, will be making her acting debut in King. While specific details about her character are yet to be revealed, we know that she will play a pivotal role alongside her father. A Collaboration Steeped in History While this is the first time SRK and Abhishek will be on opposing sides of the screen, they have previously collaborated on films like Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna and Happy New Year. For Abhishek, this also marks his second project with Sujoy Ghosh (following Bob Biswas, which he produced) and his first with Siddharth Anand. Anticipation Builds for a 2025 Release Currently in pre-production, King is expected to begin filming in October-November 2024. The makers are aiming for a late 2025 or early 2026 release. The film is being produced under Siddharth Anand's Marflix banner in association with Shah Rukh Khan's Red Chillies Entertainment.

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Akshay Kumar starrer Sarfira offers BOGO deal for July 15, 16; deets inside 

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Sarfira, the Hindi remake of the critically acclaimed South Indian film Soorarai Pottru, is soaring into theaters with a special promotion to entice audiences. The makers are offering a "Buy One, Get One Free" (BOGO) deal on tickets for screenings on July 15 and 16.

BOGO Boost for Sarfira Ticket Sales This initiative aims to increase footfall in theaters across India by making the film more accessible for moviegoers. The BOGO offer provides a budget-friendly option for fans to enjoy Sarfira with friends and family. The film's producers announced the promotion on social media, encouraging viewers to "Book your tickets now and experience Vir's inspiring story on the big screen!"

Vir and his inspiring story awaits you on the big screens! ????✨ Book tickets now! #RadhikkaMadan @SirPareshRawal@realsarathkumar @Sudha_Kongara #Jyotika@Suriya_offl @vikramix @rajsekarpandian @vbfilmwala…

— Abundantia Entertainment (@Abundantia_Ent) July 15, 2024

Adding to the excitement, major multiplex chains like Inox and PVR are offering additional incentives for Sarfira viewers. Moviegoers with valid tickets will receive a complimentary cup of tea and two samosas, enhancing their in-theater experience. Additionally, some theaters may offer exclusive merchandise related to the film, providing fans with a special souvenir.

Chase your hunger away with this totally Sarfira combo! ☕️???? This yummy combo includes 2 samosas and tea. Plus, get a free merchandise with your order. Now screening at PVR INOX! Ticket link - . . . *T&Cs Apply#AkshayKumar #RadhikaMadan #Sarfira…

— INOX Movies (@INOXMovies) July 14, 2024

Hoping to Replicate Southern Success Sarfira, directed by Sudha Kongra and starring Akshay Kumar, Radhika Madan, and Paresh Rawal, is the Hindi adaptation of the award-winning Tamil film Soorarai Pottru. While the original film garnered critical praise and national recognition in southern markets, the makers are working to replicate that success in northern India.

This BOGO offer and theater promotions aim to draw a wider audience and solidify Sarfira's box office performance. Akshay Kumar, following his recent appearance, is gearing up for his next release, Khel Khel Mein, scheduled for release next month.

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Divyanka Tripathi and Vivek Dahiya share pics of ‘Emergency Passport’ as they express gratitude towards Embassy for helping them return home from Italy

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Divyanka Tripathi and Vivek Dahiya, in a shocking revelation, mentioned that they were robbed off a few valuables and their passports when they were on a trip to Italy. The couple’s car was broken while it was parked in a resort they were staying in, because of which they were stuck in the country. However, the Indian embassy has come to their rescue and issued them a set of Emergency Passports to help them return home.

Divyanka Tripathi and Vivek Dahiya express gratitude on social media

Taking to Instagram in a joint post, the Yeh Hai Mohabbatein co-stars shared a photo of them posing with Emergency passports. Along with that they also penned a note thanking the embassy for their help. They wrote, “Heading to Bharat soon. We want to thank ‘You’ for your overwhelming love and support. A big thanks to the Indian Embassy for making our ‘Ghar Wapasi’ possible.” Followed by this, many of their friends, family, and well-wishers dropped their sweet messages giving a warm welcome to the couple.


View this post on Instagram

  A post shared by Divyanka Tripathi Dahiya (@divyankatripathidahiya)

Items worth Rs. 10 lakhs were stolen

The actors, who had just arrived in Florence, were planning to explore the city. They parked their car and left their belongings inside while checking out a property they liked. Upon returning, they were devastated to find that the car had been broken into. Their passports, wallets, money, shopping, and other valuable items, totaling approximately Rs. 10 lakh, were stolen. Fortunately, the thieves left behind some old clothes and food items. In an interview with Times of India, Vivek Dahiya had explained his ordeal further adding that they faced lack of assistance from the authorities around. In yet another Instagram story, however, the couple assured their worried fans that the thief couldn’t rob a few things including their spirit to survive.

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Taapsee Pannu and Vikrant Massey starrer Phir Aayi Hasseen Dillruba set to release on August 9 on Netflix

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Get ready for a thrilling ride of love, deceit, and crime with the return of Rani and Rishu in Phir Aayi Hasseen Dillruba, streaming on Netflix from August 9. This sequel to Haseen Dillruba picks up where the first film left off, taking audiences deeper into the tumultuous journey of these ill-fated lovers. Directed by Jayprad Desai and penned by Kanika Dhillon, who also co-produces, the film boasts a stellar cast.

Taapsee Pannu and Vikrant Massey reprise their roles as Rani Kashyap and Rishabh Saxena, navigating a desperate search for a fresh start in the vibrant city of Agra. But their path is anything but smooth. Authorities are still on their trail, and their quest for a happy ending is further complicated by the arrival of a new character, Abhimanyu, played by Sunny Kaushal.

9 August ki Hasseen shaam, Dillruba ke naam ???? Phir Aayi Hasseen Dillruba, is out on 9 August, only on Netflix ❤️‍????#PhirAayiHasseenDillrubaOnNetflix — Netflix India (@NetflixIndia) July 15, 2024

Jimmy Shergill joins the cast as another obstacle for Rani and Rishu, who must fight their way through a web of deceit and danger to find their happily ever after. Phir Aayi Hasseen Dillruba promises a whirlwind of romance, suspense, and unexpected twists, by writer Dinesh Pandit.

The film is a collaboration between Aanand L Rai's Colour Yellow Productions and Bhushan Kumar's T-Series. ALSO READ: Taapsee Pannu explains skipping Anant Ambani-Radhika Merchant’s wedding; prefers communication with hosts

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Nag Ashwin REACTS to Kalki 2898 AD crossing Rs 1000 crores mark in now-deleted post: “We achieved it without blood, gore, obscenity”

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Nag Ashwin's directorial sci-fi extravaganza, Kalki 2898 AD, has touched down at a phenomenal milestone! The film has officially raked in over Rs 1000 crore at the worldwide box office, solidifying its position as a mega-hit. After this exciting news, director Nag Ashwin took to social media to express his heartfelt gratitude. His post, which has since been deleted, celebrated the film's success while highlighting the team's creative approach.

Nag Ashwin Celebrates Kalki 2898 AD’s Success  "This milestone...this obviously massive for a young team like ours..." Ashwin wrote, "but the fact that we achieved it without blood, gore, obscenity, provocative or exploitative content, means so much..."

While Ashwin's message undoubtedly aimed to emphasize Kalki 2898 AD's unique storytelling, some netizens interpreted his words as a subtle dig at another upcoming project – Sandeep Reddy Vanga's film, Animal.

Netizens See a Dig at Ranbir Kapoor's Animal? This sparked a conversation online, with some viewers suggesting Ashwin's post was a veiled comparison between the two films. One user commented, "Director of #Kalki28989AD Nag Ashwin takes an indirect dig at Sandeep Reddy Vanga's Animal movie, let's see how Vanga responds to this.” Another user pointed out the star power Kalki 2898 AD wielded, stating, "Budget is 4x times of Animal and have casting like Amitabh, Kamal Hassan, Deepika Padukone, Dulquer Salman etc etc and comparing yourself with Vanga who made blockbuster with just music screenplay and Ranbir Kapoor. @nagashwin7 enduku ayya comparison (why are you comparing)"

It's important to remember that deleted posts can often be misinterpreted, and Ashwin's original message might not have intended to create a rivalry.

Kalki 2898 AD boasts a stellar cast including Amitabh Bachchan, Kamal Haasan, Prabhas, Deepika Padukone, and Disha Patani. The film also features exciting cameos from Mrunal Thakur, Dulquer Salmaan, Vijay Deverakonda, S. S. Rajamouli, and Ram Gopal Verma.

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Saif Ali Khan shoots action sequences and songs in Budapest for Jewel Thief – The Red Sun Chapter; patchwork shoot remains in Mumbai before wrap: Report

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Saif Ali Khan and Jaideep Ahlawat are set to unleash their inner heist masters in the upcoming film Jewel Thief - The Red Sun Chapter. The project, produced by Siddharth Anand and directed by Robbie Grewal, promises a thrilling tale of international intrigue and high-stakes robbery.

According to a report in Mid-day, the film's journey began in Mumbai, where an extensive shooting schedule captured the bustling energy of the city. This initial phase laid the groundwork for the complex heist at the center of the story. Report suggests that Khan and Ahlawat's characters will find themselves on opposite sides of the law, their rivalry fueling the narrative.

Following the Mumbai leg, the production team embarked on a European adventure, taking the story to the picturesque locales of Budapest, Hungary. Khan, Ahlawat, Kunal Kapoor, and Nikita Dutta all joined forces for this international shoot. While Budapest served as the backdrop for some captivating song sequences featuring Khan and Dutta, it also witnessed the filming of thrilling chase sequences.

An inside source revealed, “The final leg began on May 18 as they filmed songs featuring Saif and Nikita against the picturesque locales of Budapest. Some action-packed chase sequences were also canned in the 10-day stint. Robbie has envisioned Jewel Thief as a slick heist thriller, with the leading man sporting a suave look, complete with a ponytail. Saif has also built a chiselled, six-pack physique, for which he has been working out since last year.”

With the international schedule wrapped up in late May, the film nears completion. A brief patchwork shoot will take place in Mumbai next month, focusing on capturing cityscapes and car sequences. The source adds, “It will be only a few days of filming that will include some city and car shots. Robbie is currently neck-deep in post-production and wants to wrap it up by October.”

Jewel Thief - The Red Sun Chapter marks a significant reunion for Siddharth Anand and Saif Ali Khan. The duo last collaborated on the 2007 film Ta Ra Rum Pum. The film's screenplay is penned by Grewal, Anand, and Sambit Mishra. ALSO READ: Saif Ali Khan and Jaideep Ahlawat starrer titled Jewel Thief: The Red Sun Chapter, confirms Siddharth Anand

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